How Bauhaus Redefined What Design Could Do for Society

The Bauhaus as a design school and later as a designing company is a legendary phenomenon that is believed to have changed the approach to design and construction and redefined the use of design for the society. Bauhaus was around for many years, and the company together with its design was developing all the time. This time gave it tools and approaches to make design a defining feature that makes or breaks the experience of the people use face it.

One of the most outstanding features of the Bauhaus is that the school of design has gathered a lot of people who shared the same or similar values, approaches, and views on design and its purpose. The people worked together and shared ideas. Later, the school stopped its existence, and all the participants went to different places. However, their approach and values were still the same, and they started to create and build, following the same philosophy their old school initially taught them.

As a result, different places became the locations of creations by the people who shared the same approach, and these locations eventually became manifestations of this school of design. Without existing anymore, it still managed to bring up a generation of designers who embodied its approach and made design serve the purpose for society.

The main idea was to create projects that will serve the average people. When the school was organized, only rich people could afford beautiful and convenient things, like stylish apartment or house. Average citizens lived in what they simply could afford, and not more. Bauhaus wanted to change it and stated that projecting should optimize the place for living, not just make it pretty. The purpose was to make stylish and convenient living affordable and within the reach of average people.

Today, almost everything created by Bauhaus is a museum, or it is a piece that you can buy in a Bauhaus museum as a gift. While the objects are generally great and convey the initial concept well, they are eventually out of the reach of an average citizen as the founders of the school wanted them to be.

However, design in general today supports the very idea, that stylish living space should not be hugely expensive, and that stylish is not only pretty but also convenient and smartly organized. So, the Bauhaus maybe failed to reach their goal in their time, but they suggested the trend of the future, and this trend is now supported by many.

How Bauhaus Redefined What Design Could Do for Society

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