Elvira Gavrilova is a designer from Ukraine on guard of femininity

Ukrainian lady Elvira Gavrilova is a designer who looks perfect wearing her own clothing brand and who defends the right of women to be feminine

Over the last years, deconstruction of femininity has been mainstreamed by global fashion designers: sloppy boho, silhouettes that hide or even distort the figure, acid colors, “gigantomania”. Runway looks are created for very thin and very young women: clothes look good on them though a woman often turns into a “hanger” for clothing. Elvira Gavrilova, a designer from Ukrainian city of Odessa, creator of Elvira Gavrilova clothing brand, profiled herself in 2015 with a reminder: a woman comes first, clothes must adorn her, hide her flaws and emphasize her virtues.

Elvira Gavrilova brand is for those who appreciate femininity and luxury 

Elvira Gavrilova is a women’s clothing designer who models her clothing and ready to give a reply to the question, what a woman wants

The archetype of female beauty encompasses femininity, grace, soft shapes and moderation in movements. This is what any woman has by nature, and clothing should stress her archetypal native beauty rather than trying to steal the spotlight, believe Elvira Gavrilova. The designer hit the nail with her first collections, having tremendous success with Odessites, Ukrainian ladies, and then fashion-conscious women in Europe. Celebrities eagerly supported the given trend – Irina Bilyk, a famous Ukrainian singer, ordered a unique outfit from Elvira, and the fashion designer surpassed herself. A set of a floor-length gown and a flowing maxi-cardigan without fasteners looks perfect, revealing her creative nature and giving her appearance in the most favorable light.

Irina Bilyk in a dress by Elvira Gavrilova

However, being a fashion designer, Elvira is the most successful in the ready-to-wear segment: franchise stores with her fashion collections are being established in Ukraine and Poland, having steady success without any marketing component. What is the reason for this success? Expensive fabrics – a paradise for kinesthetics, cut and clothing size charts that fit a real, live woman, the highest quality in details and timeless refinement of cut combined with a “pinch of trendiness” – little overtures to the eminent couturiers. This overture to the trends in different collections are sequins, transparent fabrics, flesh color and other light touches that clearly signal – we have modern, fashionable women’s clothing – conversely, do not turn the wearer into a fashion victim. The motto “a woman comes first” can be traced in the names of models, Elvira Gavrilova drew our attention to. The designer said that all of them have female names: Sofia dress, Melisa suit, and Nicole jacket. 

Elvira Gavrilova’s “Pride and Beauty” 

Elvira Gavrilova is a designer who models her own brand outfits and goes the extra mile

Clothing lines by the Ukrainian designer has been highly estimated by the international fashion community. Elvira Gavriova’s brand has modified the domestic fashion industry and took it a step further, becoming part of the pan-European context.  

We have learned about the “Asian breakthrough” – the brand clothing are being sold like hot cakes in Vietnam and the UAE. However, after being widely accepted in the fashion industry, Elvira moved on. She wanted not only present Ukrainian fashion in the world, but also beautiful Ukrainian women, as a key factor. With this purpose in mind she launched a project “Top 100. Pride and Beauty of Ukraine” to annually select outstanding women, men and children. You can learn more about the project and its creator on Elvira Gavrilova’s official website.

Any woman wearing a dress by Elvira Gavrilova brand feels incomparable

Elvira Gavrilova is a designer from Ukraine on guard of femininity

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