The Next Stage of the Global Financial Crisis 2007-2031

The brutal reality is the Central Bankers understand the levers they pull no longer function as they once did. The stark reality is Central Banks have no answer to inflation except to hope and carry on. They are caught between the Scylla of inflation and the Charybdis of a market collapse. This is why so […]

What Does the UK’s Post-COVID Finances Hold for Recovery & I

The latest figures from the Monthly Insolvency Statistics report registered that company insolvencies in May 2021 was 1,011, which was 7% higher than the number registered in the same month in the previous year (946 in May 2020). We are seeing the impact of an activist government supporting businesses across two fronts – financial support […]

Apple, Google, And Microsoft Report Massive Profits

Apple saw $21.7 billion profit for the three-month period that ended in June, marking its best-ever fiscal third quarter. The company’s record-breaking performance was boosted by strong sales of the new iPhone 12. Google’s parent company Alphabet has revealed second-quarter revenue of $61.8 billion and a profit exceeding $18.5 billion, a figure which stands at […]

Heathrow’s Pandemic Losses Near £3 Billion

Back in 2019, the London airport saw four million passengers through its door in just 18 days. Now the airport has warned that its passenger numbers for 2021 could come in even lower than figures for 2020. Around 22 million passengers travelled through Heathrow in 2020, with over half of those travelling in January and […]

“Pingdemic” Hits UK Petrol Stations

As increasing numbers of people are receiving alerts to stay at home by the NHS covid-19 app after coming into contact with an infected person, the petrol industry is calling for vaccinated workers to be exempt from self-isolation rules to avoid further disruption and profit losses.  Across England and Wales, some 600,000 people were instructed […]

How Will Freedom Day Affect Businesses In The Months Ahead?

Freedom day was perhaps most highly anticipated by UK businesses, who have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. During the start of the UK’s third lockdown, BP reported losses of $5.7 billion as demand for oil plummeted, and a report by Simply Business estimated that the pandemic will cost small UK businesses a whopping […]

Tips For Managing Your Finances As A Small Business

Not all entrepreneurs are good with numbers and keeping records, which is why it’s so crucial that they have a solid plan in place for money matters. Whether you’re thinking of starting a small business or want to improve the way you handle your books, these tips can help you to achieve more control over […]

Wells Fargo Earnings And Revenue Results Trump Expectations

Wells Fargo shares increased 0.5% in premarket trading following the announcement of its earnings, with the company’s results boosted by a $1.6 billion release of its credit loss reserves as its consumers performed better than anticipated amid the covid-19 pandemic. These reserves have also started to be released by financial firms, as recovery from the […]

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