Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, opens the way to success in his book “The Entrepreneur’s ABC”

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, suggests efficient methods of business management in his new book

Creating a successful business asks not only for the startup capital but also for the adequate storage of knowledge. However, even a couple of degrees does not guarantee success. There is that well-known proverb: “A danger foreseen is half avoided”; it probably has come to the mind of many Ukrainian business people more than once. The best way to “foresee” trouble is to use someone else’s experience. “The Entrepreneur’s ABC” is the new book, where Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, the entrepreneur with many-years experience, presented the fundamental principles of consistent organization of one’s own business, which were tested himself first-hand.

Bogdan Terzi: A-Z business process organization

When presenting the brand new guidelines for the business people at the Ukrainian information agency UNIAN, the author told what had encouraged him to get down to writing “The ABC”. During 12 years of developing his own business and acting as a financial expert on the media, Bogdan Terzi had been continuously facing the shortage of information on business organization. Thousands of questions from the experienced business people and start-uppers made him think about writing a book. Besides, the answers to these questions were based on the first-hand experience he had gained through the years of managing the companies of his own, two of wish work in the finance area.

The Entrepreneur's ABC – the rules of doing business, tested in practice by Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and financier

“I’ve tried different techniques and tested various approaches in practice to find the most efficient solutions…The operative methods became the basis of my book. In fact, these are the guidelines for entrepreneurs on how to organize your funds and business processes to be able to control your business and, what counts most, to earn the income”. This is the descriptions Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, suggested for his work, emphasizing this: “Many entrepreneurs do not do their businesses strategically, consistently. And this is a bad thing because when the recession hits, they face huge problems. My book is an attempt to encourage people to build systems in their business processes”.

“Earn your profit, using someone else’s experience,” recommends Bogdan Terzi

The processes from “the Entrepreneur’s ABC” sales will go to the children’s funds”,- announced Bogdan Terzi.

 When you decide to start your business, your plans by no means include losing your money. So there is no need to use the trial-and-error method, no need in learning it the hard way. Everything has already been tested and systematized for you in «The Entrepreneur’s ABC”. Bogdan Terzi has placed the emphasis on some key issues:

  •  is it worth starting the business of your own at all;
  •  where to find the money for your business and with what to begin;
  • how to distribute your first profit correctly;
  •  what financial indexes are most significant;
  • is it necessary to take loans;
  • how to distribute financial flows and increase the income; 
  • what are some typical mistakes of the novice entrepreneurs;
  • how to act during the crisis.

Presenting his book for the judgment of the readers, the author also kept in mind the social responsibility of business. His book is a non-commercial project, and all processes from the sales will go for charity.To some people, “The Entrepreneur’s ABC” will help to move from a business idea to its profit-giving application;  the others will use it to change their approach to business. But this way or the other, it will encourage and motivate anyone who will read it. Even before the book was printed out, the author received over a hundred pre-orders at his Instagram account. And today, you can buy the book at the specialized Internet portals, the complete list of which you can find on Bogdan Terzi’s web-site and his Instagram account.

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert, opens the way to success in his book “The Entrepreneur’s ABC”

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