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The US economic recovery is far from being a world record | Jeffrey Frankel | Business

This month marks the tenth full year of the US economic recovery that began in June 2009. Back then, a “trough” in business activity signified the end of the Great Recession that followed the 2007-8 global financial crisis. The current expansion has continued, uninterrupted, ever since. The best explanation for the length of this recovery […]

The growing risk of a 2020 recession and crisis | Nouriel Roubini | Business

Last summer, my colleague Brunello Rosa and I identified 10 potential downside risks that could trigger a US and global recession in 2020. Nine of them are still in play today. Many involve the United States. Trade wars with China and other countries, along with restrictions on migration, foreign direct investment, and technology transfers, could […]

Is the global economy in for a new oil shock? | Larry Elliot | Business

An oil price surge prompted by trouble in the Middle East inevitably conjures up memories of late 1973, when a dramatic rise in the cost of crude ended the long postwar global economic boom. No question, the embargo organised by Opec during the Yom Kippur war was a game changer. The west had got used […]

Donald Trump attacks ECB for ‘currency manipulation’ | Business

Donald Trump has accused the European Central Bank of unfairly manipulating the euro, further raising the stakes for Washington in its trade and diplomatic disputes around the world. The US president suggested in a tweet that comments by Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB, had triggered an immediate slide in the value of the […]

Trump reportedly discussed firing Fed chair Jerome Powell over rate hikes | Business

Donald Trump has reportedly discussed firing the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, his latest move a series of unprecedented attacks on the central bank. Trump has repeatedly criticized the Fed for gradually raising rates, which hovered close to record lows for years after the end of the recession. The Fed meets this week to discuss […]

Fed chairman on reports that Trump is seeking to oust him: ‘I’m here to stay’ | Business

The Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, has responded to reports that Donald Trump is seeking to fire or demote him. “I think the law is clear that I have a four-year term, and I fully intend to serve it,” Powell said on Wednesday after a two-day meeting of the Fed. Trump has publicly berated Powell […]

Forget China – it’s America’s own economic system that’s broken | Robert Reich | Opinion

Xi Jinping might possibly agree next weekend on further steps to bring down China’s trade imbalance with the US, giving Donald Trump a face-saving way of ending his trade war. But Xi won’t agree to change China’s economic system. Why should he? The American economic system is focused on maximizing shareholder returns. And it’s achieving […]

Just like the 1930s, this trade war has the potential to turn nasty | Business

A trade war followed by a currency war. Tariffs used as a protectionist weapon followed by attempts to secure a competitive advantage by exchange rate manipulation. That was the story of the 1930s and, the way things are shaping up, it could easily be the story of the 2020s as well. Consider the historical parallels. […]

Trump denies ‘ever threatening to demote’ Fed chairman Jerome Powell | Business

Donald Trump has denied threatening to demote Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve. “I didn’t ever threaten to demote him,” the president told NBC’s Meet the Press in an interview broadcast on Sunday. Asked if he had considered such a move, Trump said: “Well, I’d be able to do that if I wanted […]

China will not allow G20 to discuss Hong Kong, says foreign minister | World news

China has said it will not allow the G20 nations to discuss the Hong Kong issue at its summit this week, assistant foreign minister Zhang Jun said on Monday. Millions of people demonstrated on the streets of the city this month against a bill that would allow people to be extradited to the mainland to […]

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