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How Bauhaus Redefined What Design Could Do for Society

The Bauhaus as a design school and later as a designing company is a legendary phenomenon that is believed to have changed the approach to design and construction and redefined the use of design for the society. Bauhaus was around for many years, and the company together with its design was developing all the time. […]

Why Email’s Future Remains Bright

Many people believe email is something not modern enough. Email as a communication channel has long been with us, and the majority of people perceive it as something common, trivial, and therefore not engaging enough for marketing and promotion of products and services. However, in reality, email was and remains to be one of the […]

UK Economy Slumps Into Stagnation As Brexit Uncertainty Hits Demand

Brexit is only on its way, with many UK citizens now doubting whether this was even a good idea after all, and Britain is starting to experience economic stagnation already now. Many industries report that January was a particularly tough month for them, while afterward, the level of sales and revenues continues to decrease. This […]

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