The 5 Threats Facing the Global Economy Right Now

Trump vs. China Back in 1930, the US introduced the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, which raised their already high tariffs, triggering a currency war and, as economists argue, exacerbating the Great Depression. With President Donald Trump’s threat to put 10% tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports that aren’t subject to his existing levies, […]

How Apple Can Convince Consumers to Use the New Apple Card

But, really, this is about a tech company moving into banking by launching a credit card. The card, albeit revolutionary for Apple’s product line, is fairly similar to products offered by challenger banks such as Monzo and Starling Bank. The new credit card allows users to pay for products through an extension of Apple Pay; […]

Is a Hustle & Grind Culture Hurting Your Employees?

With a lack of time putting pressure on workforce health and productivity, maintaining a healthy work/life balance can be tough.  Jasper Martens, CMO of PensionBee shares with Finance Monthly three top tips on how SMB owners in the financial sector can support their workforce to ease time restraints and overcome a hustle and grind mentality. […]

What Europe Can Learn about Open Banking from the UK

It seems only yesterday the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) decreed that larger banks’ long-standing customer relationships impeded competition and innovation. Open Banking has opened the door for third parties to access bank held account data as well as giving the ability to initiate payments from a customer’s bank. Features designed to allow new services […]

What Needs to Change to Tackle the Pay Gap in Finance

As a woman who works in finance, the gender pay gap within the industry is an issue I’m extremely passionate about. Not just because it affects me, but because it affects so many people across the globe. My passion for the subject has led me to give many speeches, publicly and privately. However, it’s important to […]

The Top 5 Tips to Find Your Dream Job

Whatever your educational background and chosen career path, if you’re looking for a job where money really matters, take a look at James Reed’s top tips. Communicate your USPs Competition for places in today’s labour market is fierce, particularly at the top financial institutions, which receive thousands of applications for entry-level positions or graduate schemes. […]

Emerging Markets: The Next Generation

Despite ongoing trade and political tensions being a primary contributor to Emerging Market weakness across 2019, there are still considerable opportunities for growth in markets that are currently being under-represented across the Emerging Market indices. Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Peru all have relatively low weights in EM indices but are increasingly gaining recognition for […]

How a Sustainability Strategy Can Distinguish Your Business

Companies need to do more to stand out from the crowd, especially those in the financial services industry, where competition to attract new business is particularly tough. Here Jason Skidmore, Chief Commercial Officer at 3 Step IT, delves into the growing trend of companies’ focus on their sustainability credentials in an attempt to sway potential […]

How Financial Services Reap Rewards from Big Data

When you think about it, banking customers are leaving a trail of data when they conduct financial transactions – deposit activity, recurring payments, purchasing behaviours, borrowing activities and even when they just shop for financial services. All customer interactions – whether it is a point of sale, a tap on the screen, or a keystroke […]

Bitcoin to Hit $15,000 as Consensus Grows on Safe-Haven Stat

The analysis from the CEO of the deVere Group comes as investors piled into the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies this week amid growing trade tensions between the US and China.  The Chinese renminbi fell to under 7 to the US dollar on Monday – the lowest in more than a decade – igniting drops in […]

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